BAPE New Years Lucky Bag 2012

I can’t believe it but I totally missed out on the BAPE lucky bag for new years 2012. It was a busy time of year and I didn’t even think about it until today. To make things even worse, it looks like this years bag was even better then last years. If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say lucky bag, then read on. Every year, BAPE releases a ‘lucky bag’ which is a Japanese tradition. You pay for a mystery bag which contains some items that is completely unknown. This adds some surprise to the event and makes it a bit more fun then just going into the store and buying something as usual. Think of it like a lottery. This year, the bag cost $259 however you always end up getting items that are worth much more then the money spent. For this reason, it is always a popular event and people line up to get them. Last years bag was $200 so the price has gone up, but as I mentioned the items this year were a bit better. Since I didn’t get one, I will post a youtube video showing someone who did. The video goes into good detail of all the items and as you can see, the price is well worth what you end up getting. If you want to check out last years bag, check out my post for the BAPE Lucky Bag New Years 2011.