Hey everyone,

As promised here is the BAPE Character generator.


To save your character, you will need to take a screenshot.  If you have vista, run a program called ‘Snipping Tool’ and then draw a rectangle around your character grab it. Press ctrl+s to save.

If you have XP, you can take a screenshot by htting ctrl+alt+PrtScrn.  The PrtScrn key is usually found to the right of F12.  After you have done that, open paint and hit ctrl+v to paste the screenshot into paint.  It will be a screenshot of your entire browser window so use the selection tool in paint to draw a rectangle around your character.  Once you have selected your character press ctrl+x.  Next press ctrl+n to make a new paint document.  Then press ctrl+v and you will have you character.  Hit ctrl+s to save.