BAPE History

A Bathing Ape also called Bape is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in urban street wear. It originated out of the Harajuku area of Shibuya in Tokyo and is one of the very first Japanese street wear brands to start in the early 1990s, also a pioneer. Bape’s logo and themes come from the original Planet of the Apes movies. Bape is known for its shrewd marketing, particularly the use of very limited production runs in order to stoke demand for its product. A Bathing Ape also produces limited-edition hip-hop-themed vinyl figures.

BBC Interview with Nigo.


In this interview Pharell does most of the talking but Nigo confirms some things.  I’m glad to hear that they have considered a skateboard brand / team, I think they should hurry up on it though.  It’s funny how Verbal mentions that his girlfriend owns that pair of shoes, big diss to any guys who own those.

A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape is the actual name of BAPE however it has just been shortened. Created by DJ Nigo, BAPE has style influences from the movie Planet of the Apes. The name however is a term used in Japan to describe spoiled people. It has been said that Nigo feels the Japanese youth of today are spoiled and that is how he decided on the name of the brand.

At 32, Nigo, designer, producer, drummer and DJ is still a bit of a boy-wonder. He’s small, for one thing, in frame and in head-size, with a skullcap hiding his hairline and massive Ray-Bans encasing bulging wide eyes. He also slumps thoughtfully then jerks to attention, like a preoccupied teenager with a lot on the brain.

Nigo shows off his Star Wars collection.


Nigo, the founder of Bathing Ape is a big Star Wars fan and has one of the best Star Wars collections in the world.   Check out the video below to see a portion of his collection.

BAPE will soon be coming over to more cities in North America as the company expands. Currently there is a BAPE store in New York City and another on coming soon in Los Angeles California.

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