BAPE x Burton Snowboards

BAPE x Burton – Concept Design


BAPE x Burton Snowboards
Ever wish that BAPE would release a snowboard line? I’ve been thinking about it and decided to make up some concept designs. So far, BAPE has come out with some snowboard jackets but that’s about it. BAPE could team up with Burton and come out with some snowboards, snowboard boots, some new snowboarding jackets, toques, gloves, goggles, etc… There really is quite a bit of gear which could be made.

BAPE - Burton Snowboard

Bape snowboard Jackets

Here are the current

BAPE Snowboard Jacket


BAPE Snowboard Boots

Check out these Nike snowboard boots. BAPE could definitely do better. Hopefully, they see this post as get the ball rolling for next winter.

BAPE Concepts: A Bathing APE vs CAPCOM Street Fighter BAPESTAs


While I am uploading more of my BAPE Concepts, I figured I should upload these Street Fighter BAPESTA designs that I created after my BAPE + CAPCOM post.  Stay tuned for the BAPE + WU TANG concept products.

Ken Street Fighter BAPESTA

RYU Street Fighter BAPESTA

If you want to create your own and have it uploaded, just leave a comment and I will get back to you.  I will give full credit for your work unless you request to remain anonymous in which case I will just mention that I did not create it.


BAPE Concepts: A Bathing Ape + Wu-Tang Wu-Wear


Aside from being a huge fan of BAPE, I have also been a long time fan of the Wu Tang Clan.  I have been listening to their music since the early 90’s and still do (I listened to them today even).  So naturally, while working on my BAPE concept ideas; I thought that it would be awesome if BAPE and WU TANG teamed up for a limited line of clothing.  This would be a perfect match, as Wu Tang already has a line of clothing called Wu Wear.  The Wu-Tang Clan was founded and created in Staten Island in New York state so I can guarantee that if BAPE + WU TANG items were placed in the New York City BAPE Store it would sell out in less then a day.  They would probably have to close the store down early because everything would be purchased within hours.

I really hope NIGO, or someone at A Bathing Ape finds this and decides to make it happen.  Or, if the RZA comes across this, I know he can make it happen.  RZA and NIGO would make an awesome team and I know RZA likes Japanese culture so who knows, maybe they will come out with something.

BAPE Concepts: CAPCOM + A Bathing Ape


Alright folks, here is my first BAPE concept.  As the title says, I am hoping to one day see a collaboration between A Bathing Ape and Capcom.

In the past, BAPE has teamed up with Marvel and released some pretty amazing BAPE hoodies, tshirts, and bapestas.  Marvel has branched out a lot similar to A Bathing Ape so they made a good team.  Another company which Marvel has worked with is Capcom for the release of Marvel vs Capcom.  I was thinking that a Capcom Street Fighter BAPE line would be awesome.  I hope this happens, and I think the chances would be good since both companies are Japanese companies and I know A Bathing Ape has teamed up with a ton of other Japanese companies in the past, including Nintendo for the DS release.  The series could be called BAPE vs CAPCOM.



This year has been busy for A Bathing Ape. As we have seen, BAPE has release A Fishing APE, BAPE Pro Wrestling, Mr. BAPE, and the list goes on. So I started thinking of different companies that BAPE could team up with in order to create some limited edition items aside from the usual BAPESTA lines. Obviously, these are just for entertainment purposes and don’t actually represent BAPE. However, there is always the chance someone at BAPE or Nigo himself will see my concepts and run with it to create something awesome.

I am going to make a new page for this as well so that you can easily find all of the concepts.  If you have any suggestions or want to submit your own concepts, then drop me a line in the comments.

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