You may have noticed that there are some new style of BAPESTAs this season.  Some people might mistake them for fakes but it’s just a new style.  Take a look at the pictures below.

New styles

Notice how the bottom of the star is cut off at the sole of the shoe.  With the old styles this would be a dead give away for fapes (fake bapes).  However these are legit although buying over ebay or online could make it really hard to tell with these so I would suggest getting this style in store only.

Check out the usual style of BAPESTAs.  The entire star is shown.

These BAPE shoes don’t have any star on them at all making it even harder to tell the difference from a fake when buying online.  Always make sure you are buying from a legitimate source.  Check out the Fake BAPE section for tips on spotting fake BAPE merchandise and a list of sellers with bad reps.