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BAPE is on a roll this year for collaborations with other companies.  I think this is a good idea on BAPE’s part because it creates additional unique styles which the brand wouldn’t have been able to do prior. This time around, it looks like they have teamed up with San Rio the creators of Hello Kitty.  I can’t say that I’m a fan of Hello Kitty but I am sure that this line of items is going to sell well with women.  The current selection of womens clothing from BAPE is pretty lacking which is unfortunate for all our feminin friends.  One thing I am surprised about with the BAPE San Rio release is the ammount of different items they have.  They went all out!  There is t-shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts, baby bibs, baby one piece sleep suits, shopping bags, shoes, neck ties, necklaces, wrist watches, coffee mugs, hand towels, food place mats, wallets, purses, duffle bags and a hat.  That is a lot of stuff!

One thing which I think is really cool is the baby shoe BAPESTAs.  I also learned something new, apparently SANRIO has 5 other characters aside from Hello Kitty, apparently they are not cool enough to make it big.  Also, anyone else notice the subliminal perverted star over the girl characters crotch?  WTF!?!?  Why couldn’t she be holding the star wand in her other hand so it is covering over nothing?  I think the marketing industry is full of pervs as you see stuff like this in adds all the time.  It is like an industry inside joke or something (Disney does stuff like that all the time).

Check out the rest of the collection in the pictures below, it is pretty extensive.

BABY Milo CubeCraft Figure


Hey everyone,

There is a cool site called CubeCraft which has figures you can make by cutting out a design on paper and folding on the marked lines.  It isn’t like origami which uses many folds sometimes.  Instead you make the body parts as separate pieces and then put it all together at the end.

Below is a Baby Milo cube craft figure. (Click on the thumbnail to get the full size print out.)

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