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BAPE Pirate Store UK 2012


It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about Valentines Day which is coming by the way. What I am referencing is the A Bathing Ape Pirate Store. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pirate Store, here is a quick run down. Every year, BAPE has a huge sale which runs for at least a week. During this sale, you can get all sorts of BAPE products at discounted prices, as well as exclusive BAPE Pirate Store items which will only be sold during the duration of the sale. Think of it like boxing day for BAPE. As usual with any big sale event, the lines are huge and the stock sells out quick. In order to keep the madness out of the BAPE stores, the BAPE Pirate Stores are always held at a different location in the city. However, this year the UK BAPE Pirate Store is going to take place in the official BAPE Store.

Starting January 27th 2012 and running until February 5th 2012, the A Bathing Ape Pirate Store will be opened in the UK. The location has been released and will be at 4 Upper James Street, London W1F 9DG, U.K. You can call them at +44-20-7434-2541 although you won’t be able to reserve anything. The store will open at 12pm noon on Friday, January 27th so make sure to take the day off and get there early to get a good spot in the line.

There are currently seven different BAPE Pirate Store UK t-shirt designs. The t-shirts are £50.00 for each shirt. The supplies are limited so if you want them badly, make sure to get there early on the first day. You could get all seven for £350 which is a good deal when it comes to BAPE t-shirts.

The current A Bathing Ape Pirate Store t-shirt design styles are:

  • White t-shirt with the BAPE Pirate Store logo
  • White t-shirt with red font saying Baby Milo with Baby Milo’s head and two cross bones in the middle of the text
  • Black t-shirt with Baby Milo’s head wearing a pirate hat and an eye patch. There are two pirate swords crossing each other behind his head and the text A Bathing Ape Pirate Store around the head
  • White t-shirt with the BAPE gorilla head logo wearing a pirate hat and two crossbones crossed below the logo. No text on this one.
  • White t-shirt with Baby Milo’s head and two crossbones crossed below his head. The text Pirate is on one crossbone and Store is on the other. The text above Baby Milo’s head says Baby Milo and below his head it says A Bathing Ape.
  • Black t-shirt with the A Bathing Ape gorilla head logo and two pirate swords crossing each other at the base of the logo. There is text on the swords with one saying Pirate and the other saying Store. The logo is over the upper left chest area where pockets would normally be on a button up shirt.
  • Black t-shirt with text only saying A Bathing Ape Pirate Store.

To see pictures of the BAPE Pirate Store t-shirt designs, click on the thumbnail images below.

One thing that is very important is that the BAPE Pirate Store sale will only accept cash purchases. This is to keep the line moving as quickly as possible when getting to the checkout. Make sure to get to the bank and withdraw your money ASAP or you will feel mighty stupid standing in the store ready to make your purchase and being told you can’t because you don’t have the cash.

A Bathing Ape Star Wars – Capsule Collection 2012


Bathing Ape Star Wars Capsule Collection

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year. This year has certainly come and gone quickly. BAPE has already started releasing news of upcoming collections and they look great so far.

I am especially excited for the new Bathing Ape Star Wars collection. If you missed out on the previous BAPE Star Wars Collection, then make sure to check it out as well. Personally, I prefer the products in this new collection more then the first one. Check out some of the products below.

A Bathing Ape x Star Wars Collection - Full Zip Hoodie There are two new full zip hoodies released in this collection. The one to the left features the Star Wars characters (Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, C3PO, Baby Milo, and Luke Skywalker). The other style blue and shows the Star Wars Galaxy with an X-Wing and Death Star in space. To see the other style, click on it’s thumbnail image below.

The price for the Star Wars character hoodie is $310 USD

The price for the Star Wars Galaxy hoodie is $321 USD

A Bathing Ape x Star Wars Collection - Shot Glass set

I wish this shot glass set had come out before Christmas so I could have put it down on my wish list. The set comes with four shot glasses with the following designs.

  • Baby Milo, R2D2, C3PO, and Chewbacca
  • Baby Milo, and R2D2
  • Baby Milo, R2D2, and Jawas
  • Baby Milo flying an X-Wing
The price for the whole set is $92.

Hopefully BAPE releases a third set in this collection. It would be awesome to see some Star Wars BAPESTAs, or other styles shoes from this collection. They should also release a Darth Vader, and Boba Fett full zip hoodie.

New Hallowe’en BAPE Wallpaper – Zombie Baby Milo


We have been on vacation the past couple months working on some projects but will be back to the full time reporting.


For now, accept this new BAPE Halloween wallpaper as a token of appreciation for your patience.


Enjoy, and Happy Hallowe’en.


Click on the thumbnail image above to get the full-sized background image. Also, don’t forget to check out all of the other BAPE Wallpapers.

BAPE Baby Milo Cosmos Art Exhibit

A Bathing Ape – Baby Milo Cosmos Art Exhibit


BAPE Baby Milo Cosmos Art Exhibit

BAPE Gallery – Baby Milo Cosmos Art Exhibiton

You might remember the BAPE Gallery from my earlier post about the BAPE Study Exhibiton posted in March last year (holy crap, I can’t believe it has been a year!). Now there is a new exhibition, which is the Baby Milo Cosmos art exhibit. The exhibit features Baby Milo as an astronaut in space or the cosmos. What is great about this exhibit is that there is a lot of different sized art that can be purchased. Some of the art is huge, and is over 5 feet long, and 5 feet tall, and then some are smaller. So, no matter how much wall space you have; you should be able to find something that fits.

Milo Cosmos Clothing and Accessories

If your not into art, there is also a ton of other BAPE Milo Cosmos items. Currently, the Milo Cosmos themed items are coffee tumblers, clip on mini baby milo character in his astronaut suit, a carry bag, and some awesome looking BAPE cosmo themed iPhone skins.. The BAPE Baby Milo Cosmos clothing items are denim shorts, polo shirts for men and women, and eight different tshirts. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size images of all the art, clothing, and accessories from the collection.

BABY Milo Cosmos Art, Clothing, and Accessories

A Bathing Ape Baby Milo iPhone skin

BAPE / Gizmobies Baby Milo iPhone skin


Last year, A Bathing Ape released the different colour camo iPhone skins which were a big success. Now, the latest release is a Baby Milo iPhone skin for the iPhone 4G. It looks good, but I wish they would make some for other types of phones or at least just make one that you can cut out to fit your specific phone.

A Bathing Ape Baby Milo iPhone skin

BAPE Baby Milo iPhone skin

So Nigo, if you read this… please make a skin for the Samsung Galaxy S!

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