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Bape Gradation Shark Hoodie Exclusive

BAPE 1st Camo Gradation Shark Hoodie Exclusive


Bape Gradation Shark Hoodie Exclusive

A Bathing Ape New York has released two new exclusive items from the BAPE Gradation series line. The release features two new zip up shark hoodies. The olive colour hoodie is only available in the BAPE NYC store, however the beige Bape gradation hoodie can be purchased exclusively on the website. The hoodie is 100% cotton and features morale patches which can be removed easily if desired. The price tag for this limited time release is $446 USD. The available sizes are medium, large, and extra large. Make sure you act quick if you want to get your hands on these, I guarantee that they will sell out fast. If you have checked out the other items in the BAPE Gradation series, then make sure you have a look at these other items as well.

A Bathing Ape Star Wars – Capsule Collection 2012


Bathing Ape Star Wars Capsule Collection

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year. This year has certainly come and gone quickly. BAPE has already started releasing news of upcoming collections and they look great so far.

I am especially excited for the new Bathing Ape Star Wars collection. If you missed out on the previous BAPE Star Wars Collection, then make sure to check it out as well. Personally, I prefer the products in this new collection more then the first one. Check out some of the products below.

A Bathing Ape x Star Wars Collection - Full Zip Hoodie There are two new full zip hoodies released in this collection. The one to the left features the Star Wars characters (Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, C3PO, Baby Milo, and Luke Skywalker). The other style blue and shows the Star Wars Galaxy with an X-Wing and Death Star in space. To see the other style, click on it’s thumbnail image below.

The price for the Star Wars character hoodie is $310 USD

The price for the Star Wars Galaxy hoodie is $321 USD

A Bathing Ape x Star Wars Collection - Shot Glass set

I wish this shot glass set had come out before Christmas so I could have put it down on my wish list. The set comes with four shot glasses with the following designs.

  • Baby Milo, R2D2, C3PO, and Chewbacca
  • Baby Milo, and R2D2
  • Baby Milo, R2D2, and Jawas
  • Baby Milo flying an X-Wing
The price for the whole set is $92.

Hopefully BAPE releases a third set in this collection. It would be awesome to see some Star Wars BAPESTAs, or other styles shoes from this collection. They should also release a Darth Vader, and Boba Fett full zip hoodie.


New BAPEX Clear Watch Released

BAPEX Clear Watches


A Bathing Ape has released some new BAPEX Clear watches. They tweeted about it today so it will be on the site soon. I prefer the standard BAPEX watches, however these are pretty sharp as well. A lot of people are saying that the BAPE Clear watch was copied from the company Toy Watch. Who knows, they do look similar but the BAPE version is definitely better.
BAPEX Clear Watches

If A Bathing Ape is looking for any more styles, or inspiration for new designs; they should check out Luminox watches and make one that has fluorescent tubes.

BAPE / Mackintosh rain jacket



A Bathing Ape / Mackintosh rain jacket

BAPE Business Clothing

A Bathing Ape seems to be coming out with more business wear these days which is nice. Now you can add to your Mr. Bape, and BAPE Doc Marten collection the BAPE / MACKINTOSH rain jacket. So far, there seems to be just the one style but my guess is that there will be more styles and colours to come.

A Bathing Ape Fall/Winter Collection

As featured in the latest BAPE catalogue, here is the Mackintosh BAPE rain jacket.

BAPE / Mackintosh rain jacket

A Bathing APE has been sold to Chinese fashion company I.T. Limited

BAPE Sold to Chinese fashion company I.T. Limited


A Bathing APE has been sold to Chinese fashion company I.T. Limited

A Bathing Ape has been sold!

If you have not yet heard, BAPE has been sold to a I.T. Limited. I have never heard of the company but it is based out of Hong Kong, China and is apparently a pretty big fashion company.

I was pretty surprised by this news. From what I have been reading though, it seems that BAPE was not doing too well financially. It is sad to hear the company was sold, but I guess it is better then it just going out of business completely. The saddest part about this news is that the company was sold for just $2.8 million. That seems like a pretty low price for the company given how many locations it currently has and the reputation the brand has.

There has also been some rumours lately that the BAPE store in New York City might end up closing. I think that would be a dumb move on the new owners part since NYC is a pretty fashionable place and people have a lot of money. I hope this rumour isn’t true, but the L.A. store has been closed for awhile now so who knows what is left for BAPE in North America.

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